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Did Dunkin Donuts respond too quickly to complaints about Rachael Ray commercial? June 2, 2008

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A recent commercial for Dunkin Donuts starring celebrity chef Rachael Ray drew fire this past week because critics claimed her scarf resembled a traditional Arab keffiyea associated by some with terrorism.  Following complaints by conservative blogger Michelle Malkin, Dunkin Donuts removed the online ad from its website and stated “the possibility of misperception detracted from its original intention to promote our iced coffee.”  One can’t help but ask, though, whether Dunkin Donuts caved too quickly.  Though numerous readers of Malkin’s blog agreed with her controversial analysis, the company’s decision to pull the ad offended many more people.  For a discussion of the incident view the following segment from The View (be patient as they don’t get to the topic for a minute or so):

Discussion Questions:

1.  The article from The New York Times by Stephanie Clifford in the second link above suggests that there are scandals worth responding to and those that are not.  What is the difference?

2.  What is the risk of responding too quickly to some scandal?

3.  Was the move by Dunkin Donuts a wise one?  Why or why not?  



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