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Is Google the new Microsoft? April 5, 2009

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With talk that Google is considering another acquisition, this time involving Twitter, there are a lot of whispers that the company is quickly becoming the new Microsoft.  One article, for instance, recently reported that both Google and Microsoft were lucky enough to capture the most important sector of the computing scene at their moment in time. And since Google now has resources unmatched by others, it too seems to resemble a monopoly. As Twitter appears to be the hottest e-business currently, the acquisition seems logical, though skeptics wonder if Google is rushing the gun a bit.

For more on what Twitter is, see the following video:

Discussion Questions:

1.  How might Google’s image as “the next Microsoft” negatively impact its ability to grow in the coming years?

2.  If that is indeed Google’s new image, how should the company behave differently to repair its image?

3.  If you were to launch a PR campaign to combat this image, what might that campaign entail?



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