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Denver’s Cutler Drama Raises Question: Do sports teams owe answers to fans? April 6, 2009

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Denver Bronco’s owner Pat Bowlen sent an email to fans this week acknowledging that he “felt compelled to give our community…an explanation regarding the Jay Cutler situation.” Bowlen, who had been silent for much of the drama involving star quarterback Jay Cutler, addressed the blockbuster trade with the Chicago Bears and explained that it was necessary to get rid of a player who was putting himself ahead of the team. Coach McDaniels, who was somewhat responsible for the crisis after he desired a trade for QB Matt Cassel, issued a similar statement.

For Jay Cutler’s statement on the drama, and McDaniels’ statement, see the following videos:

Discussion Questions:

1.  Is it necessary for the owners of professional sports teams to discuss crises in the public?  What do they have to lose if they are silent?

2.  What strategies did Bowlen and McDaniels use to justify the controversial trade?

3.  Was this a good example of crisis management?  What other organizations do you think should consider the same strategy?



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