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Can Sarah Palin’s political career survive after her resignation? July 17, 2009

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Though Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s resignation surprised many, those from her administration report that she had little choice as her enemies proved relentless.  It turns out that many people were investigating the governor by requesting information from her administration through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Of the 230 requests that Palin received since she became governor, 190 were filed after she was added to the McCain ticket. The requests, her staffers say, required significant time and effort, and served as a major distraction.

Despite the shocking nature of Palin’s resignation, many political pundits think she still has time to save her political career. Some have noted that she has never followed the rules of politics and has risen to stardom because of her reluctance to do as others do. Indeed, polls indicate that 70% of Republicans did not change their opinion about Palin after her resignation, and many are hoping that she brings her star power to other campaigns.  If she follows the proper steps, some have argued, Palin has enough time to explain why her resignation was a good thing, build her expertise in policy, and strengthen her support for a run in 2012 or 2016.

To view Palin’s resignation speech, and the themes she used to explain her decision, see the following video:

Discussion Questions:

1.  What were the major themes in Palin’s resignation speech?  In other words, according to the speech why did Palin decide to leave office?

2.  How could Palin use some of those main themes to continue her political career?

3.  What could Palin have done better in her resignation speech if her main goal was to run for higher office in 2012?

4.  Do you think Palin’s resignation ruins her chances of being a viable presidential candidate in 2012?  Why, or why not?



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