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Can Obama really “Set the Record Straight” on health care? September 7, 2009

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It is no secret that the series of health care town halls held this summer has been a disaster for Democrats dedicated to major reform. Protesters have been absolutely vicious, with many accusing their opponents of even being Nazis. The true problem with the town hall meetings, the Democrats now believe, is that the debate has been hijacked by those spreading rumors about the proposed bills. As CNN’s Tom Cohen recently illustrated, anger has been vented time and time again about a handful of rumors – long proven false by watchdogs – that people all too willingly believe. To fight these smears, the Obama administration has created a new website titled “Setting the Record Straight” that aims to address these popular rumors.

For more on this matter, see the following announcement from the spokesman for Obama’s “Organizing for America,” Mitch Stewart:

Discussion Questions:

1.  What is the audience for Obama’s new website?

2.  Will the Obama administration’s website really be able to “set the record straight” and quiet rumors about health care reform? How might this medium be limited in successfully fighting some of these vicious rumors?

3.  Why might this strategy not work with the more vocal protesters in these health care debates?



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