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Why would a college football team need a PR firm to make the championship? November 9, 2009

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Word on the street is that the Western Athletic Conference has hired a PR firm from Idaho to help make a public case for Boise State University making the college football Bowl Championship Series. Due to the complicated rules of the BCS, Boise State went undefeated last year but still lost its spot to another competitor, Utah. According to ESPN, the team finds itself in a similar position this year and is relying on Scott Peyron & Associates to communicate with the national media to raise awareness about a program that has been stellar for at least the last four years.

This move actually comes around the same time that Boise State’s athletic director has gone public claiming that he will send his school’s football team to any competitive school for an away game next year, but that his requests have been repeatedly rejected. The AD, Gene Bleymaier, has suggested that the reluctance of other schools to play his team makes it impossible for Boise State to get the respect it deserves.

For more on Boise State’s problem, see the following video:

Discussion Questions:

1.  Why do present BCS rules make it so difficult for Boise State to make a championship game?

2.  Is the hiring of a PR firm by Boise State and the WAC, in order to improve the school’s chances of making the BCS, unethical?

3.  What should Boise State’s PR campaign entail if it really wants to persuade coaches to revamp the BCS system?



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