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Can Tiger Be Saved? Golf legend’s image crisis getting worse December 8, 2009

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The news for Tiger Woods keeps getting worse. The golfer’s silence following his car accident in late November sparked great interest in his troubled personal life. Reports now suggest that he was intoxicated the night that his SUV hit a tree and fire hydrant. Several women have also come out to acknowledge affairs with Woods; the number has recently hit seven, including a Las Vegas model, a porn star, and a Los Angeles cocktail waitress, among many others. While this news has been breaking, reports suggest that Tiger’s wife, Elin Nordegren, has moved out of their family home, and that a blond woman was recently taken from Tiger’s house and rushed to a local hospital.

For more on Tiger’s ongoing scandal, see the videos below:

Discussion Questions:

1.  Tiger’s situation appears to be getting more and more out of control. How could he address the crisis in a way that would prevent further damage to his image?

2.  How has public perception of Tiger’s troubled personal life changed from the time of his accident to the news of his extramarital affairs? Has this news done irreparable damage to Tiger’s reputation, or will he still be able to rebound?

3.  So far, Tiger’s sponsors have reaffirmed their commitment to him. How might this change in the coming weeks? In other words, what kinds of details need to emerge before sponsors start distancing themselves from the troubled star?



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