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Hope for the Hopeless? John Edwards battles a tell-all book February 2, 2010

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Andrew Young, the former aide to John Edwards, has released a tell-all book about his relationship with the former candidate for president (and vice-president). In The Politician, Young writes that he admired Edwards when he was just a lawyer, and over a ten-year period did everything he was asked in order to become a trusted friend of the ambitious leader. It was not until Young was asked to cover up an affair that Edwards was having with an assistant that he supposedly began to question his allegiance to the former political star.

Obviously jaded with Edwards, Young has confessed that the North Carolinian hated mixing with the common people despite his populist image, cheated on his wife while she battled cancer, made a sex tape with his assistant, and was the father his mistress’s child. Young claims that he feared for his life after he broke ties with Edwards and decided to come clean. Needless to say, Young’s appearances on several talk shows recently has made it difficult for Edwards to repair his image as a political leader.

For more on Young’s tell-all book, see the following video:

Discussion Questions:

1. Is there a genre that describes the kind of book that Young wrote about Edwards? If so, what are some other projects that belong to that genre? How have those who’ve been attacked by those books responded in the past?

2. Could John Edwards have prevented this new crisis by confessing earlier? What mistakes did he make with his early statements about his transgressions?

3. Will Edwards ever be able to return to politics, either as a leader or adviser?



1. zeusiswatching - February 18, 2010

1) Tell all book

2) Confessing earlier? The guy lied multiple times to lots people. I don’t think the Senator ever regarded coming clean as a choice until the truth was out anyway, and that seems to be what has happened.

3) He will make a comeback as a commentator, a lobbyist, and doing some public speaking.

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