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The branding of Sarah Palin April 22, 2010

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David Carr of The New York Times recently noted that Sarah Palin’s biggest triumph has been creating her own brand to sell the world. Although she was embarrassed throughout the presidential campaign in 2008, Palin has dominated the public with a major book, appearances as a pundit on FOX News, her new show on TLC, and her newest program on Fox called “Real American Heroes.”

While Palin is super popular, her branding is still angering some critics. As one writer for The Huffington Post noted, “Putting a controversial person on TV is an old game. It comes about when smart programming executives sit in a conference room, drink vodka straight from the bottle and say “let’s make some noise and hope somebody pays attention.”” Trick or not, though, Palin’s branding has been an amazing success.

For more on Palin’s newest show, “Real American Heroes,” see Palin’s first introduction and criticism of the idea below:

Discussion Questions:

1. Why is Sarah Palin so popular?

2. How have Palin and her PR specialists used her appealing characteristics to build a brand?

3. How long will Palin’s appeal last?



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