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What’s the value of a Sarah Palin endorsement? June 27, 2010

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An endorsement by Sarah Palin has given the fuel for some candidates to win major primary races this year. Most notably, both South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley and California’s Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate Carly Fiorina attribute Palin’s star power with changing their races.

Does Palin really have the appeal to change a lot of races though? According to a recent poll by Wall Street Journal/NBC News, 52 percent of those surveyed said they would either be “very uncomfortable” or have “some reservations” about a Palin-backed candidate. Contrary to conventional wisdom, then, there are many claiming that a Palin endorsement is a “kiss of death” from a figure who is too toxic for a more general electorate.

To see the magic of a Palin endorsement on some canddiates, watch the following clip:

Discussion Questions:

1.Do you agree with the assessment that Palin is too divisive to be influential as an “endorser”?

2. Why might Palin’s endorsement of candidates be more effective in the Republican primaries than the general elections?



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