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An Idealogue Trips in PR: Tea Party candidate Sharron Angle plunges in polls August 5, 2010

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Sharron Angle was the darling of the Tea Party when she surged in the Republican Primary in Nevada to challenge Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in November 2010. Reid was enormously unpopular in his state and was 11 points back in polls against Angle, but has edged ahead as of August in both more recent polls and in fund-raising. One might attribute Reid’s comeback to his own campaign skills, but as The Huffington Post‘s Elyse Siegel suggests, Angle’s disaster has been made mostly by her inability to translate and defend a Libertarian ideology to anyone outside of conservative media – notably, failing to coherently defend her earlier calls to eliminate social security, both the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Education, and to pull the United States out of the United Nations.

As quickly as she had risen, Angle is now falling. To see more the candidate’s better times, and her more recent PR troubles, watch the following videos:

Discussion Questions:

1.  Angle, like some other Tea Party candidates, decided to shun mainstream media in favor of interviewing mostly with conservative media sources. Why might this have made her general election campaign more difficult?

2.  Why is Angle, like Kentucky U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul, having such a hard time translating Libertarian positions to the moderate Republican base?

3.  What should Angle do in the near future to rebound in the election?



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