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Gearing Up: Wyclef Jean enters presidential race in Haiti August 5, 2010

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During an interview with Time in early August (2010), popular musician Wyclef Jean broke the news that he would run for president of Haiti. Active in the efforts to rebuild the country after its devastating earthquake, Jean is now bracing for a November 28 election. Jean faces many challenges, including questions about whether he is really eligible to run since he has lived in the United States since he was 9 years old. That, and some think his musical training doesn’t make him necessarily fit for office.

Despite all this, Jean’s personal narrative is appealing to the majority of voters in a poor country where half the population is under age 25. A self-described Moses, Jean is the son of a Nazarene preacher. He became a music icon at a very young age, joining The Fugees and then having a successful career on his own. Nevertheless, Jean will need to have control of a powerful message if his campaign is to resonate with disenchanted voters.

For more on Jean’s announcement, see the following video by the Associated Press:

Discussion Questions:

1.  What are some barriers that Jean can expect to face in the upcoming election?

2.  What kind of rhetoric will help Wyclef Jean appeal to the electorate in Haiti and overcome the barriers facing his campaign?

3.  Do you think Wyclef be successful? Why, or why not?



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