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Campaign Survival Tactics: Democrats running as “independents” October 3, 2010

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There has been a noticeable trend this campaign season of Democrats running ads announcing themselves as independents, at least concerning the more controversial policies of their party. Democrats in tight races all across America have especially touted their resistance to health care reform and the bailout, and their tendency to stand up to the Obama administration. The tactic is one that has worked with Republicans running for reelection in the difficult times of the Bush administration, but with so many candidates trying the strategy it seems that they’re opening themselves up to easy attacks by their opponents.

To see some of the “independent” ads run by Democrats, watch the following videos. Each ad will be followed by a Republican attack ad disputing the claim of independence.

Discussion Questions:

1.  How convincing are the claims about “independence” in the ads above?

2.  How do these claims invite a simple response by the opposition?

3.  Is there any other PR method that might help save moderate Democrats up for reelection this year?



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