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The Chinese become the scapegoat in 2010 political ads November 4, 2010

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Unifying a disgruntled public often times leads to scapegoating. In the 2010 election one popular scapegoat was China, which was frequently blamed in political ads for adding to America’s economic problems. “China bashing,” as the strategy was eventually coined, does not make sense in a free market economy and many economists were baffled by what they were seeing on television. The bashing wasn’t just from one group, though, as protectionist and xenophobic rhetoric was used by both parties. For a great collection of advertising clips resorting to China bashing, see CNN columnist Nin-Hai Tseng’s review.

And for perhaps the most memorable China bashing ad, see the following:

Discussion Questions:

1.  Is the intent of China bashing to target emotions or reason? Is this an ethical form of political advertising?

2.  What could be some harmful consequences for America due to the popularity of China bashing in 2010?



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