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Sarah Palin’s “America by Heart” a classic of the genre of campaign books December 17, 2010

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Sarah Palin released her second book, America By Heart, in November 2010. Instantly, it became symbolic of the former governor’s effort to be a top contender for president in 2012. The content of Palin’s book exhibits the rhetoric of the early stages of a political campaign. She represented significant issues in America’s “culture wars,” criticized Barack Obama and his administration, and highlighted how her policy positions are in line with the views of the founding fathers.

Other than the content of Palin’s book, the work is considered an example of campaign rhetoric because of how it has been pitched. On her book tour, Palin has avoided major US cities that tend to vote for liberal candidates, and has instead focused her efforts on the Midwest, South, and Southwest. Moreover, she has used these appearances, in addition to frequent appearances on Fox News and starring on her own reality TV show on TLC, to become a major media personality.

For more on how Palin has framed her book in relation to the 2012 campaign, see the following videos:

Discussion Questions:

1. What would Sarah Palin need to tackle in her book to convince conservative voters that she is ready to be president?

2.  Is her effort a new model for how contemporary political candidates should use the media in the early stages of a campaign? Why, or why not?

3.  Have other candidates also used books to sell their image just before a campaign gets started? If so, who? How were their efforts similar or different from Palin’s?



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