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Domino’s continues chain of ads based on product-improvement, responsibility March 19, 2011

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Since the beginning of 2010, when Domino’s reinvented itself and unveiled its new pizza, the company has been running a series of ads acknowledging its past failures and accepting the responsibility of improving its products. The strategy was considered risky at first, but marketers realized that Domino’s was able to turn heads by staying away from the same “new and improve” language and embracing instead, “We failed.” Targeting consumers who had bad experiences with Domino’s, as well as those who never had an excuse to try its pizza, the advertisements have been an amazing success. The company’s domestic same-store sales grew 9.9 percent in 2010, and its international sales grew 6.9 percent.

To see the original advertisement, and a newer version, watch the following videos:

Discussion Questions:

1.  Is Domino’s newest series of ads claiming responsibility especially persuasive in a time of economic strife? If so, then why?

2.  Have other companies used a similar strategy in the past?

3.  Which other fast food companies could benefit from an image makeover similar to that of Domino’s? Could the same strategy work as well for Taco Bell following accusations that its beef is of lower quality? Why, or why not?



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