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Fukushima nuclear disaster creates PR nightmare for nuclear energy industry March 19, 2011

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Tim Probert, Deputy Editor of Power Engineering International, argued after the nuclear disaster at Japan’s Fukushima plant that “the nuclear power industry must win the PR war.” His point reflected the reality that the nuclear energy industry faced increased concerns about public safety. Following the Japanese disaster, several plants were closed in Germany, the United States delayed recent bids to build several new plants, and many other countries began reviewing their plans to go nuclear.

The PR crisis might only get worse. Some PR professionals suspect that the situation in Japan is being covered-up to prevent further panic in the country. According to these experts, the truth will eventually be told, and the nuclear industry might not survive.

For more on concerns about nuclear reactors in the United States, see the following video:

Discussion Questions:

1.  Why was the Fukushima nuclear disaster especially alarming, even for countries that believe their plants are currently safe?

2.  Is it appropriate for the nuclear industry to respond to new public concerns with a major PR campaign? If not, then why not?

3.  If you were to assist the nuclear industry with a PR campaign sometime in the future, what would be the nature of your message?



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