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Election 2012: What in the world is Donald Trump planning? April 29, 2011

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It seems that Donald Trump has appeared on every major talk show in America to announce his plans to think about running for president. While he was considered a fringe candidate at first, Trump climbed to the top of the early polls concerning candidates for the Republican Party’s nomination. He stated that he may announce his intentions on May 22nd during the finale of The Apprentice.

What caused Trump to become so popular so quickly with conservatives? It’s obviously isn’t his allegiance to the Republicans since he has not only called George W. Bush the worst president ever, but he has supported the campaigns of several liberal Democrats. For the most part, his appeal has come from his quest to make Obama reveal his long-form birth certificate. As Andy Ostroy of The Huffington Post wrote, “So what Trumpt’s campaign boils down to is a charade. It’s a game he’s playing, which is serving to feed that massive Id of his while affording him an even greater soapbox from which he can regurgitate his narrow-minded, inane bile.”

At the very least, Trump’s electoral strategy has been quite confusing. For more on his willingness to attack Obama about his birth certificate, see the following interview he did with Piers Morgan:

Discussion Questions:

1.  Trump has clearly embraced the role of the agitator in the early phase of the Republican Primary. Is there anything that he gains in the long-term from agitating the electorate? Is there anything that he also loses?

2.  Now that Obama released his long-form birth certificate, how do you think Trump’s rhetoric will change?

3.  Can Donald Trump win the Republican Party’s nomination in the 2012 election? If so, then how?



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