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Candidate Mitt Romney struggles to answer previous support for liberal health care policy June 1, 2011

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In the middle of May 2011, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney used a speech in Ann Arbor, Michigan to respond to conservative concerns about his previous support for liberal health care policy in Massachusetts. Romney, according to some critics, tried to play both sides of the issue by defending his actions as a matter of states’ rights, while attacking President Obama for trying to cram the same policy down the throats of every state government.

By most accounts, Romney’s speech was not well received by conservative audiences. For example, Avik Roy of The National Review called Romney’s explanation “illogical” and “terrible,” while the Wall Street Journal‘s editorial staff complained that Romney’s position was “intellectually indefensible.”

For more on how Romney responded, watch the following segment from his speech:

Discussion Questions:

1.  Explain in your own words why Romney’s defense of his own liberal health care policy as a Massachusetts governor is a controversial subject in the upcoming Republican primary for president.

2.  Why has Romney’s explanation of his decision as governor been inadequate?

3.  How could Romney better address this issue in the future to make him a more viable candidate in the upcoming Republican presidential primary?



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