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“Fracking” industry facing a PR war that it has continuously lost July 16, 2011

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Fracking, a procedure that uses vast amounts of water, sand and chemicals deep underground to crack shale rock to create gas flow for energy producers, has a reputation of being dirty and damaging to local environments. The industry’s failure to address concerns about its destructive practices has made its battle for the hearts and minds of American almost impossible to win. Those who live in communities impacted by fracking have produced images and videos of heavy traffic, loud noise, air pollution, and ground water contamination that have led other communities to fight fracking from expanding. As Adam Clark Estes of The Atlantic Wire argued, the PR war over fracking is being won by the activists.

For more on the concerns about fracking, see the following video:

Discussion Questions:

1.  Why are the images of the harmful consequences of fracking so powerful and moving, perhaps compared to images of melting icebergs that have been used somewhat unsuccessfully in the global warming debate?

2.  What kind of PR campaign could be designed to alleviate some of the concerns about fracking?



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