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Is eBay still the king of all auction sites? August 30, 2011

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In many ways, eBay still rules online commerce. According to Comscore, the site is second most visited online retailer after Amazon.com. Additionally, there are more eBay millionaires than ever before, according to some reports. However, the sites popularity is exactly why some media critics believe that the site is doomed.

eBay’s weakness, according to these critics, is that it has gotten so big that it has lost its edge. For example, Rick Munarriz of DailyFinance.com argues that eBay stock has stayed at the same price for about five years, and whereas it was once an “artisan garage sale” it is now filled with cookie-cutter merchandise. eBay has been homogenized, Munarriz says, which has empowered competitors like Etsy, the online crafts sales site.

For more on the origins of eBay, see the following video:

Discussion Questions:

1.  What made eBay such an amazing site when it was first introduced?

2.  Has eBay lost its edge? In other words, has it lost what made it cool so long ago?

3.  Who is eBay’s main competition? How much of a threat are these competitors to eBay dominance of the online retail market?



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