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Did Karl Rove’s Crossroads group lie in new anti-Tester ad? November 13, 2011

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Conservative Karl Rove’s super PAC, Crossroads, recently launched a campaign targeting five Democratic Senate candidates in five states with a series of negative ads. Rove’s ultimate mission is to tie the Senators to Barack Obama. Montana’s Jon Tester – along with Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts), Claire McCaskill (Missouri), Ben Nelson (Nebraska) and Time Kaine (Virginia) – has criticized the group for making false claims, and at least one television station has pulled Crossroads’ latest ad.

Why are some calling the Tester ad unethical? The ad accuses Tester of supporting an Environmental Protection Agency rule to regulate farm dust. The only problem is that the rule was dropped from the legislation that Tester supported, and his vote had little to do with the EPA at all. Crossroads has denied that the ad is misleading, and has attacked the television station that pulled the ad as a minor and insignificant player in the Montana television market.

To see the ad yourself, watch the following video:

Discussion Questions:

1.  Is the anti-Tester ad in question really unethical? Why, or why not?

2.  Should false advertising in political campaigns be punishable?



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