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The biggest disaster in debate history? Perry’s big “Oops” moment November 13, 2011

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Some critics called Gov. Rick Perry’s gaffe in a Michigan primary debate the “Oops heard around the world.” Perry’s forgetful memory in the middle of a response was a sign that he couldn’t handle the pressure of the campaign, Alan Fisher of Al Jazeera suggested, and the interest in his episode was a sign that voters agreed. Perry’s moment was viewed well over one million times in the week after his gaffe, and the clip was posted on countless sites.

Perry did his best to repair his reputation after the debate, and immediately confessed to the press that he “stepped in it.” Perry also did a round of early morning talk shows, emailed his supporters, and had his communications team defend his campaign. He even poked fun of himself, by joining David Letterman for a top 10 list concerning the gaffe.

For more on Perry’s slip up, see the following video:

Discussion Questions:

1.  How important was Perry’s gaffe in the Michigan debate?

2.  How was Perry’s effort to improve his image following the gaffe?

3.  Perry’s gaffe was additional evidence that he is a lousy debater. Can a candidate become president if they don’t debate well?



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