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Following rumors of affairs, Herman Cain suspends campaign December 4, 2011

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On December 4, 2011, Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain formerly suspended his campaign. With only a month remaining before the Iowa Caucus, Cain saw his support in the state plummet from 23 percent in November to 8 percent just before he left the race. Although Cain surged, his numbers and positive press coverage fell steadily after the first rumors of his affairs circulated back in October.

To see the interview with Ginger White, who claimed to have had an affair with Cain for 13 years, see the following video:

To see Cain’s speech in which he suspended his campaign, watch the following video:

Discussion Questions:

1.  Was it impossible for Cain to return to the top of the pack? Why might Ginger White’s interview have been the last nail in Cain’s coffin?

2.  How had Cain been handling the rumors that he sexually harassed women throughout his career? Why was his strategy ultimately ineffective?

3.  Will Cain be able to find future success as a political commentator, the way that Palin and so many other failed politicians have since 2008?



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