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Top viral ads of 2011 January 6, 2012

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When 2011 came to a close, many of the same companies, as well as the advertising agencies they worked with, appearing in the previous year’s top viral ads reappeared as top performers. According to Ad Age, Old Spice and Nike executed successful viral ad campaigns in 2011, and benefited from many of their older campaigns as well. The Old Spice Guy from 2010’s ads, for instance, starred in additional ads in 2011 alongside Fabio. Volkswagon was missing from 2010’s list, but got second place in 2011 with its “The Force” ads depicting a 6 year old imitating Darth Vader.

To see an example from the top ads produced for Old Spice, watch the following clip:

Discussion Questions:

1.  What makes an advertisement go viral?

2.  What was so catchy about Old Spice’s popular ads in 2011?

3.  Why do viral ads benefit companies over the long run? In other words, why do viral videos have a longer life than more traditional ads?



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