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Herman Cain jumps back into spotlight with “Solutions Revolution” January 17, 2012

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Long after he resigned from the presidential race, Republican Herman Cain is entering the public light once again. Appearing on Fox News with a “very big announcement” in early January, Cain announced that he would continue his public mission to push for the 999 economic plan. Suggesting that he would be the leader of a new movement called the “Solutions Revolution,” Cain announced a new website that would put pressure on Congress to support the 999 plan. The move was covered in the media, but it didn’t have the appreciate audience which Cain had desired. According to many critics, his decision to jump back into the fray at this moment seemed odd, and his intention to talk about policy despite his own shortcomings during the campaign was poorly timed at best.

For a (harsh) review of Cain’s announcement, see the following video:

Discussion Questions:

1.  Why was Cain’s announcement so poorly received?

2.  What alternative motives might Cain have in entering the public light once again?

3.  How might Cain’s future trajectory follow that of Sarah Palin?



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