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Super Bowl a PR boon for Indianapolis February 8, 2012

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Previous Super Bowls have usually been hosted in traditional tourist friendly cities like New Orleans and Miami. When Indianapolis hosted Super Bowl XLVI in February 2012, a common question was “Why the heck in Indy?” The obvious response, once the event was over, was “Why not?” As a smaller American city, Indianapolis gained a lot from hosting the Super Bowl. Positive ratings by Super Bowl goers portrayed Indy as a great host, thanks to a walkable Super Bowl City, a level of Hoosier hospitality that saw school children write welcome letters for hotel patrons, and events funded by the city’s cooperative corporate community. According to Forbes.com, Indianapolis shined and showed the world that with its experience hosting the Indy 500 and the Final Four, it should be a top destination for any major event.

For more on Indianapolis as a host city for the Super Bowl, see the following video:

Discussion Questions:

1.  Why was it in the best interests of the corporate community in Indianapolis, despite the major financial contributions that they needed to make up front, to help the city host the Super Bowl? What did they get out of the deal, from a PR standpoint?

2.  What made Indianapolis so memorable as a host city?

3.  What other smaller American city’s might do well by trying to follow the example of Indianapolis?



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