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The elements of a good Super Bowl ad February 8, 2012

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One consensus after this week’s Big Game was that the excitement of watching Super Bowl ads has changed. Many of the top ads were already on Facebook and Twitter long before the Patriots played the Giants. “Super Bowl ad creep,” as it’s being called, now means that anyone can watch the ads without watching the game.

Despite changes in the way we watch Super Bowl ads, one thing has remained consistent: the ads are amazing. According to a USA TODAY/Facebook Super Bowl Ad Meter, countless Americans picked from 55 commercials this year and crowned a Doritos ad the winner. There were many terrific ads to choose from, so the distinction is quite the honor.

Although the process of viewing ads has changed, Americans still love the ads. But what makes a Super Bowl ad so memorable? For more on this, click HERE to view a short video with ad master Joe Pytka reflecting on what he has learned.

Discussion Questions:

1.  Which ads from the 2012 Super Bowl did you find most memorable? Why were those ads so effective?

2.  What are the elements of a good Super Bowl ad, according to Joe Pytka?




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