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Old ads are making a comeback, thanks to Google March 12, 2012

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Google’s new initiative, “Project Re:Brief,” is turning heads by re-imagining old ads with contemporary products and technology.  Four classic ads are currently being remade for Avis, Alka-Seltzer, Coca-Cola, and Volvo. According to most analysts, the effort demonstrates the importance of emotions and advertising, and thus far looks like it will be a wild success. According to Lee Hester of Webpronews.com, ” Never has there been such an exciting time to bring great ideas to the modern technology that allows us to tell real and better stories easily to everyone in so many ways. The ability we have now to connect to consumers with the content they want is the avenue for continuing to create and communicate with excellent, memorable, true ideas that move people and build great brands.”

To see an example of the remaking of Coca-Cola’s classic “Hilltop” ad, watch the following video:

Discussion Questions:

1.  What role is new digital technology playing in Google’s effort to bring back these old ads?

2.  Why has “Project Re:Brief” been so successful so far?

3.  What other classic ads might, or should, be dusted off in the near future?



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