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Sarah Palin responds to HBO’s “Game Change” March 12, 2012

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The HBO original movie, “Game Change” was clearly sympathetic to Sarah Palin, but by painting her as out of control and lacking basic knowledge of world affairs the film did her no favors. The writer of the film claimed that “Game Change” was less about Palin and more about the political process. Nevertheless, with her brand taking a hit, Palin was forced to respond.

Palin quickly used new media to attack the film, posting a video online called “Game Change We Can Believe In.” Her video paints “Game Change” as fiction, and received over 100,000 views in two weeks, compared to the 800,000+ views for the 20 or so clips from the movie.

To see the original trailer and Palin’s response, watch the videos below:

Discussion Questions:

1.  How devastating was “Game Change” for Sarah Palin’s image?

2.  Was Palin’s response sufficient in repairing her reputation?

3.  What does Palin’s “Game Change” debacle demonstrate about the importance of social media in public relations?



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