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Marlins coach Ozzie Guillen apologizes after expressing love for Castro April 21, 2012

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New Miami Marlins coach Ozzie Guillen found himself in the midst of controversy in only his first month of the season after expressing love for Fidel Castro in an interview with a journalist from Time. Guillen’s Marlins had just built a new stadium in Miami, and had been banking on appealing to the area’s Cuban community to support a re-branded team with a bunch of new stars. Although the team did not fire the coach, it was no surprise that he immediately offered an apology for his statements.

Guillen appeared contrite, and told reporters at a news conference that he wanted to apologize. He stated: “I’m very sorry about the problem, what happened. I will do everything in my power to make it better. … When you make a mistake like this, you can’t sleep.” Explaining why the incident happened, Guillen elaborated, ” It was a personal mistake of the thing I had in my mind and what I said. What I wanted to say in Spanish, I said in English in a wrong way. I was saying I cannot believe somebody who hurt so many people over the years is still alive.” While Guillen’s sincerity may have been questionable, many critics claimed that it was enough to give him a second chance.

To see parts of Guillen’s apology yourself, watch the following video:

Discussion Questions:

1.  Why did Guillen’s sin warrant an immediate apology?

2.  Did Guillen’s history as a no-apologies kind of guy make this apology more or less believable?

3.  Was Guillen’s apology enough to repair his reputation? Why, or why not?



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