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KC Royal wins fan support: Jeff Francoeur and the art of being the good guy May 10, 2012

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Kansas City Royals right fielder Jeff Francoeur is making friends this season. Francoeur first made news when he purchased 20 pizzas  for fans in Oakland during a game in April. The same fans developed a good relationship with Fancoeur last year when he threw them $100 for free beer after being invited to celebrate what they called “Bacon Tuesday.” As Yahoo’s David Brown wrote about the incident:

“You know, the world has made a lot of fun of Jeff Francoeur because he’ll swing at anything and sometimes we have no idea where his next throw will land. But he’s exactly the kind of ballplayer I’d love to root for. He obviously loves playing the game, feels rewarded interacting with the fans, and eats his share of bacon. That’s a wonderful combination of qualities, isn’t it?”

Francoeur has kept to his charitable ways this season. At the beginning of May while playing a home game, Francoeur tossed a $100 bill into the stands with the message, “To the Quarter! Have a few drinks + dogs on me!” Needless to say, the outfielder is quickly becoming a fan favorite.

For more on Francoeur’s interaction with fans, see the following video:

Discussion Questions:

1.  How might Francoeur’s interaction with fans be considered public relations?

2.  How does Francoeur, as an athlete, benefit from newfound support of fans?

3.  What lessons could other athletes learn from Francoeur?



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