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Marriage equality advocates get boost from Tom Bridegroom story May 27, 2012

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Around the same time that North Carolina voters banned same-sex marriage in the state, an emotional online video went viral, chronicling the death of a gay man named Tom Bridegroom and the mess that was left for his partner, Shane Bitney Crone. The video, titled “It could happen to you,” has already been viewed millions of times, and was made by Bridegroom’s partner for six years. Crone made the video to remember his partner who has been dead for over a year, but also to tell viewers of the horror of having no legal protection as a gay couple. Crone tells of being forced to fork all of Bridegroom’s property (which they shared) to his family after his death, being banned from his funeral service, and having no access to his partner’s health records after the accident that took his life.

To see the 10 minute movie yourself, watch the following video:

Discussion Questions:

1.  Why is it difficult for marriage rights activists to convince voters to stand for equal protection under the law?

2.  How does the Bridegroom story successfully persuade audiences about the need for legal protection for gay and lesbian couples?



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