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Rhode Island Republicans face scandal following closing of Schilling’s 38 Studios June 2, 2012

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Former Red Sox ace Curt Schilling had accepted a $75 million tax-payer loan from the state of Rhode Island in 2010 to move his video game production company, 38 Studios, to the state. Schilling, a hero in New England, vowed to create 450 jobs in the region. Following earlier reports in March that the company was having severe financial troubles, 38 Studios closed its doors in May 2012. To make matters worse, Schilling is being accused of using the company’s remaining money to pay himself back for his investment, just before he fired hundreds of workers. The episode is becoming a big scandal in Rhode Island, due to the taxpayers losing so much money from the deal.

For more on the closing of 38 Studios in Rhode Island, see the following videos:

Discussion Questions:

1.  Why was Rhode Island’s investment in 38 Studios so controversial?

2.  Is this scandal anything like Obama’s Solyndra controversy?

3.  How might Rhode Island Republicans attempt to diffuse this crisis?



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