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Banana Boat faces crisis after sunblock user catches on fire June 29, 2012

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A Massachusetts man received second-degree burns at the beginning of June 2012 after the Banana Boat sunscreen that he applied to his body caught on fire as he used his grill. Brett Sigworth sustained burns mostly to his chest, ears, and back. He thought nothing of the harms of the sunblock, since the bottle claimed that it was flammable near heat, but said nothing about the dangers once it was applied.

Banana Boat acknowledged the accident immediately, and vowed to investigate the incident. The company stated: “We were concerned to hear about Brett’s experience. At Banana Boat, we take these matters very seriously and will begin a prompt investigation as we continue to strive to deliver products of the highest quality to our consumers.” There has been no word yet on any action that Banana Boat has taken to recall products or compensate Sigworth.

For more on the incident, see the following video:

Discussion Questions:

1.  To what extent might Sigworth’s incident harm Banana Boat’s reputation?

2.  Was Banana Boat’s response to the incident sufficient to maintain a good image? Why, or why not?

3.  If Banana Boat was at fault, what should it do in the future to protect consumers?



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