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Cool again, with the next generation: How George Takei became a social media star July 6, 2012

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Former Star Trek actor George Takei has become a star again, thanks to social media. In fact, just recently thousands of internet users begged Takei to join Google+, which would keep him super busy since he already works actively on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Since March 2011, Takei has become an internet icon after he took to Facebook to post, and invite others to post, funny photos, memes, and other positive content. His Facebook page has more than 1.5 million followers, and many of his posts manage to get tens of thousands of likes and shares. According to Mashable’s Jeremy Cabalona, Takei’s social media presence is remarkable, because his fans are some of the most responsive on the internet. The secret, Cabalona wrote, is this:

“Takei knows his audience very well. While he has expanded his following through strong involvement in the gay rights movement and Asian American groups , his core fan-base consists of Star Trek fans who appreciate Takei for his self-aware humor.  Takei gives his audience exactly what they want, which regularly includes Star Trek jokes and other references from geek culture.”

For an example of a post by Takei, see the following video:

Discussion Questions:

1.  What makes George Takei so popular on social media?

2.  Have other actors and artists received a second life from social media? If so, then who?

3.  What does it say when one celebrity’s social media followers are more engaged than those who follow others? In other words, what is the cause of that engagement?



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