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Getting to Mars, thanks to PR and reality TV July 6, 2012

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Private company “Mars One” hopes to establish a settlement on the red planet by 2023. The Dutch company plans to first send rovers to search for a perfect location, and then build living units to be sent with the first pod of permanent settlers in 2022. Mars One co-founder, Bas Lansdorp, claimed that the key to paying for such an expensive mission is media exposure. According to Lansdorp, “We will finance this mission by creating the biggest media event ever around it. Everybody in the world can see everything that will happen in the preparations and on Mars.” In other words, the mission will be “real reality TV” that encourages private citizens to participate in the missions and invest in their success.

For more on Mars One, see the following video:

Discussion Questions:

1.  Will a reality TV show on a space colony on Mars be able to generate enough excitement to lead to sufficient private funding of the mission?

2.  What could Mars One do, especially with reality TV, to generate greater buzz?

3.  Is this a new model for space travel?



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