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With Galaxy phones rising, Samsung makes final PR push against smartphone competition July 6, 2012

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While former cellphone giants like Nokia fading quickly against the rise of Apple, Samsung has seen its quarterly profits increase substantially with the popularity of its Galaxy smartphone. Thus, it’s no surprise that Samsung is going all-in to promote the Galaxy 3, which it sees as its big opportunity to challenge the rein of the iPhone. According to AdAge.com, Samsung is set to spend more to promote the Galaxy S III than it did on all Galaxy-branded products in 2011. It’s campaign is big, and goes where others have never gone. According to Brian Wallace, VP of strategic marketing at Samsung, the company is targeting movie theaters over the summer. As Maureen Morrison summarized:

“Rather than just run ads before a film, Samsung will run 3-D games using Kinect-like technology that the company had to develop specifically for the execution. Essentially, sensors will be installed in 55 theaters that will detect audience movements which will control a game on the screen. Samsung will also run a 3-D short in some 2,000 theaters, using the fanboy characters from the “next big thing” campaign — done by 72andSunny for the Galaxy S II late last year.”

For more on the release of the Galaxy S III, see the following video:

Discussion Questions:

1.  Why has the iPhone remained so popular? What does it have that the competition does not?

2.  What features of the Galaxy S III make it a good alternative to the iPhone?

3.  What does Samsung manage to get out of a flashy new PR campaign that uses tactics others have not yet used?



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