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AMC declares war on Dish Network July 8, 2012

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On July 1st, Dish Network formally dropped the AMC Network, carrier of popular shows like Mad Men, The Walking Dead, and Breaking Bad. There are clearly two sides in the conflict. AMC is upset that Dish was unwilling to negotiate new rates to reflect increasing popularity of its shows, while Dish was upset that AMC tries to bundle its less popular content channels with any kind of agreement.

How did AMC attempt to combat Dish as the chances for any deal soured? AMC used the season finale of Mad Men, watched by millions, to ask viewers to protest Dish’s actions. After being removed from Dish altogether, AMC added in many of its advertisements that it was “Available on cable and satellite – NOT on Dish.” Dish didn’t let AMC’s tactics go without a response, though. When AMC pulled off its Mad Men stunt, Dish moved the network from channel 130 to 9609, a number used more commonly for infomercial type programs.

For an example of AMC’s tactics targeting Dish, see the following ad:

Discussion Questions:

1.  Was AMC unethical by bypassing negotiations to ask consumers to put pressure on Dish?

2.  Is AMC hurting its chances of reuniting with Dish in the future?

3.  How effective was Dish’s response to AMC?



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