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Banned in Britain: Advertising Standards Authority turns 50, reveals most-complained-about ads July 8, 2012

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Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority turned 50 in June 2012, and revealed a top 50 list of the most-complained-about ads in U.K. history. The list might shock you. Rather than sex or violence, it was as KFC ad with women speaking with their mouths full that garnered the most number of complaints. Anything unsuitable for children or women, or anything about cruelty or religion also topped the list.

It’s not just offensive content that gets ads banned in Britain, though. As the makers of Special K realized recently, misrepresentation will also get an ad nixed.

For examples of what gets banned in the UK, see the following ads that made the top 10:

Discussion Questions:

1.  How does one define indecency? What made the KFC ad referenced above so indecent?

2.  How are decency standards culturally determined?

3.  Is there still a need for an Advertising Standards Authority, when anything can be posted online?

4.  What from the list surprises you?



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