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Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan stumbles with false claims September 2, 2012

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Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan was supposed to be Ronald Reagan, or at least that’s what members of his own party had hoped. However, immediately after his keynote address at the Republican National Convention, it became clear that the Wisconsin politician was stumbling in his new role. Following statements in which he falsely claimed that he ran a marathon in under 3 hours – an amazingly impressive task – Ryan was caught exaggerating in his prime time speech as well. According to the BBC, Ryan criticized Obama for proposing healthcare cuts that he too proposed, exaggerated the way that Obama’s cuts would happen, attacked the administration for stimulus spending that he partially endorsed. Worse, though, was Ryan’s claim that Obama promised to save a GM plant that ended up closing despite the president’s bailouts. As many critics quickly noted, Obama made no such promise, especially since the plant closed in December 2008 – well before he became president.

To see Ryan’s speech yourself, watch the following video:

Discussion Questions:

1.  Was Ryan guilty of lying in his speech at the RNC?

2.  If Ryan wasn’t lying, were his claims still unethical?

3.  How do Ryan’s claims hurt his ethos as the campaign moves forward?



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