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Has Lance Armstrong made the biggest PR goof of his life? September 9, 2012

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As of August 2012, the US Anti-Doping Agency erased Lance Armstrong’s 14 years of competitive cycling wins. The action stemmed from a USADA investigation  that discovered over a dozen credible witnesses who reported to have firsthand experience or knowledge of Armstrong taking banned substances that gave him a competitive edge. The announcement is expected to possibly trigger similar actions by the International Cycling Union, the Amaury Sport Organization, and other agencies regulating the sport of cycling. More astonishing, however, is Lance Armstrong’s insistence that he will not fight the USADA on the announcement. Armstrong denied ever testing positive for performance enhancing drugs, and called the investigation a “witch hunt.” As such, Armstrong seems to be letting other agencies close the books on his storied career by writing a chapter that crushes his legendary status.

Needless to say, many PR experts are calling Armstrong’s decision to let the USADA win is a huge mistake. Many are calling it an admission of guilt that can only lead to a lose-lose scenario. If Armstrong were to be shamed by being stripped of his Tour de France titles, it would clearly impact other aspects of his life, notably his anti-cancer Livestrong organization.

For more on Armstrong’s decision, see the following story from ABC News:

Discussion Questions:

1.  What has Armstrong got to lose by letting the USADA ban him from cycling and other sports?

2.  Could Armstrong have fought, and won against, the USADA and their investigation?

3.  If Armstrong’s decision stands and he is eventually stripped of all his titles by other organizations, what happens to the Livestrong organization?



1. Bill Clinton - September 10, 2012

Why would a dozen people testify that he cheated, while no one who would have firsthand knowledge is standing up for Armstrong’s innocence?  Not one, single teammate will say “we raced clean.”

Why would Armstrong pay an Italian hematologist nearly half a million bucks for “coaching?”

Why would Armstrong make a $100,000 dollar donation, and another $25,000 donation to the group that was testing him, while the testing was happening?  No other athlete in history has done that.

Why would Armstrong quit just before arbitration begins and be stripped of everything, rather than letting the public see everything in the hearing, and expose it to the world as unfair?  Do you know Armstrong could choose for the hearings to be public?  If he did, it would likely be on tv.

Everyone within pro cycling, as well as every serious fan of pro cycling, knows the open secret that Lance Armstrong, as well as every other champion from his era, doped.  That’s because we have read more than just Lance’s PR statements, and seen more than just a sports highlight on the news.

If you value the truth, take just a few minutes to read Joe Lindsay’s article “Lance Armstrong’s Endgame” from Bicycling magazine (it’s easily found on google).  Lindsay has reported on Lance for 20 years, and was a friend and lifelong fan of Armstrong until he could no longer ignore what he was seeing.

Lance Armstrong is guilty of doping, and, for the past decade plus, also guilty of acting like a despicable human being.

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