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Between “The Master” and Tom Cruise rumors, Church of Scientology gets defensive October 13, 2012

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The Church of Scientology has been the subject of bad news stories for most of its existence, but the last few months have been especially difficult on the organization. At the end of the summer, Vanity Fair printed an article about the church supposedly engaging in a “wife-auditioning process” for its high profile member, Tom Cruise. The article’s author, Maureen Orth, insisted that in 2004 the church began the process and selected Iranian-born Nazanin Boniadi as Nichole Kidman’s replacement. Representatives from the Church of Scientology have called the story “false and contemptible,” attacked Orth for shoddy reporting, and threatened a possible lawsuit in response to the accusations.

Most recently, the Church of Scientology was dealt another blow with the release of the film “The Master,” which depicts a self-help guru styled after L. Ron Hubbard creating his own religion in the 1950s. While the film doesn’t necessarily bash Scientology, as the Village Voice‘s Tony Ortega wrote, “The Master is going to reach potentially millions more, and many of those audience members will naturally want to learn about the real figures behind its characters. They’ll turn to the Internet for that information, which will only increase interest in news stories about Scientology and its problems.”

For more on “The Master,” see the following video:

Discussion Questions:

1.  Why is the Church of Scientology especially susceptible to public rumors or negative news stories?

2.  How well did the Church of Scientology respond to rumors about setting up Cruise’s relationships?

3.  How should the organization respond to “The Master”?



1. Jen - October 14, 2012

They cannot spin it anymore. There are too many high up members close to David Miscivage who are dead or missing. There are the many who have escaped and the large masses of people and families who are imprisoned as I write this. There is no grace or mercy in this cult – just anger and vengeance. In fact, for Tom Cruise to stay and support this abusive cult is so sick and disgusting that I believe it will now end his career. People are not looking at him anymore as “are his movies good, is he a good actor?” Now they are asking “is he personally involved in so many missing? Is he just as abusive as in hitting other members and so many other degrading things? Does he abuse his kids like his own father harshly abused him and now he is just at home doing it?” If you look at his kids they look soooooo depressed, so lost, so empty in their eyes. These are controlled kids with their dad over them holding the strings. Honestly I can never ever see a Tom Cruise film again. Thank God Katie escaped.

2. Theo Sismanides - October 14, 2012

The Church of Scientology has been for more than 30 years now under the control of a person who at least, let’s say, does not have the aura and the abilities L.Ron Hubbard had. This is David Miscavige the current leader of Scientology.

Miscavige has led the organisation mainly with force instead of intelligence and compassion like L. Ron Hubbard did.

Hubbard developed many techniques to help people, wrote many books and researched into the real nature of Man, which is mainly spiritual. He came up with workable techniques which had results for people who then joined the organisation.

Miscavige took advantage of all this and took the helm around 1982. But he did a lot of harm and sent away many good people to keep his position as a leader. He did many wrong things and people started especially after the 90’s to be leaving in droves.

The Church couldn’t avoid all this bad publicity because of the wrong actions of Miscavige who mostly cares about Power, Money and control of the parishioners and not delivering actual Scientology.

On No 2, I don’t know, I have no idea but I think that they didn’t do so good.

On No 3. I think the Master is a movie which is unique in its kind. A difficult movie for Hollywood and should be appraised for that. I think the church should (but it won’t) finally get in terms with the rest of the world and thank the Director and the Cast.

3. Ashley - October 14, 2012

At its core, the Church of Scientology is evil, degraded, abusive and destructive. Those who help people escape from, and recover from, Scientology’s abuses and thought control methods and who work to expose the crimes and abuse, are in danger themselves when going up against this evil.

It is amazing to me that how brave these people are because after all this is a very wealthy cult. the ones who risk their lives and that of their familie in order to help those caught in this cult, deserve our gratitude, our thanks and our admiration. The ability of these single individuals to defeat the Church of Scientology shows how decency, goodness and truth can defeat evil.

Today, Scientology’s secrets are all well-known. Today, Hubbard is known in the real world forexactly what he was. Today, Scientology has very few adherents and virtually no new recruits. Today, every Scientology “church” is empty and struggling — or closed.

Yes, Scientology’s few remaining, hard-core believers are still fighting, lying, abusing and attacking but their teeth have been pulled. For the most part, police and the courts recognize their lies and quickly shut down their bogus, desperate attacks. Yes and sorry to say Tom Cruise is as abusive as David Miscavige. Tom is not a man of goodness, but a man who is a tyrant himself and someone who is too old to say he didn’t know the abuses of this church. Paramount and all the others can try and revise him, but people really want nothing to do with a man who treats others so poorly. I personally don’t see him recovering from this and all the horrific truths that just came out today by a former defector.

New allies are showing up to see that Scientology’s lies, abuse, crimes and fraud are exposed and continue to fight for the guilty to be brought to justice. The opposition to the Church of Scientology actually grows daily. Time will show that Tom Cruise no longer has the star factor he once had and will not be in demand much longer. Hollywood is not known for keeping people around for a name if it has such toxic people in it

4. Joe - October 17, 2012

Time to time they re-circulate these kind of stories to garner sympathy for him. I couldn’t believe how people let themselves be fooled over and over by his PR. He has many movies to promote from the comming December to next year December, he has found the sympathy card is the best way to go. That is all. This is from the sci-fi camp.

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