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Brilliant, ridiculous, or both? The Obama camp releases new “Big Bird” ad attacking Romney October 13, 2012

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President Obama clearly lost the first debate against Mitt Romney, but the Obama campaign immediately attempted to reframe the Republican for his attack on PBS during the event by releasing a major negative ad. The ad, which depicts Romney as more concerned with Sesame Street than the corruption on Wall Street, is clearly over the top. The question remains: is it too over the top?

According to some critics, the Obama ad quickly became controversial because it uses the likeness of Big Bird without the consent of copyright owner Sesame Workshop, and because it’s a clear attempt to shift attention away from the president’s shortcomings in the debate. As some advertising analysts point out, though, the ad has been brilliant in creating a discussion about Romney’s assault on PBS. As Ad Age‘s Elizabeth Wilner argued, “Even if very few people ever see President Barack Obama’s “Big Bird” ad during an actual commercial break on TV, it fulfilled its mission before a single dollar was spent to air it. Network and cable morning shows gave untold millions in publicity to the ad mocking Mitt Romney’s plan to cut funding for public broadcasting, and the free-media ride rolled on from there.”

To see Obama’s ad yourself, watch the following video:

Discussion Questions:

1.  Was Obama’s “Big Bird” negative ad inappropriate? Why, or why not?

2.  Why might some say that Obama’s new ad was a mistake?

3.  Why might others say that Obama’s new ad was brilliant?



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