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Million Muppet March shines light on importance of PBS, Sesame Street November 22, 2012

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With PBS under fire during the 2012 election, supporters of the network and its popular show, “Sesame Street,” planned a “Million Muppet March” on Washington for November 3. The event became increasingly important after Republican Mitt Romney targeted PBS to be cut during the first presidential debate. Supporters gathered in Lincoln Park to march to the Capitol. As television cameras filmed the event, many marchers (and their puppets) could be heard singing the “Sesame Street” theme song and the Muppet’s “Mahna Mahna.” Chants, too, filled the air, as supporters cried out “Power to the puppets! We can save the Muppets!” and “What do we want? Cookies? When do we want them? Now!

For more on the Million Muppet March, see the following ads for the movement:

Discussion Questions:

1.  Why was the Million Muppet March probably so easy to organize?

2.  Why was the march so widely covered by the news media?

3.  Did the march have an impact on the presidential election?



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