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Your body: The new frontier for advertising January 5, 2013

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New York’s famous “Naked Cowboy” who greets tourists in Times Square turned heads in December 2012 after announcing a deal with Wow Body Ads to become a human billboard. For now, the Cowboy will wear a Wow Body Ads logo on his chest and back. Don’t worry, though. The ink isn’t permanent, and should wash off after a month.

Body billboards aren’t exactly revolutionary in the field of advertising. Tattoo advertisements were commonly seen in the world of boxing after 2000, as performers sported ads on their backs, and many collected over six figures in their deals. The tattoo ads in boxing eventually ceased after the Nevada State Athletic Commission banned the practice with the support of several television networks. In attempting to bring body ads back to the world of sports, Wow Body Ads is trying to address the concerns of sports commissions, mainly by creating a system of revenue sharing so that more parties involved with a sporting might see profits coming from this unique practice.

For more on how tattoos – even of the permanent kind – have been used in advertising, see the following discussion from news show The Young Turks:

Discussion Questions:

1.  Why are body ads appealing to both performers and advertisers?

2.  Why might television networks and sporting associations have a problem with body ads?

3.  Are body ads bound to be more common in the years ahead? Why, or why not?



1. patriotrose - January 5, 2013

I think it might make some uncomfortable to have to stare at someones body long enough to read the ad.

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