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The scandal grows: NJ Sen. Bob Menendez faces questions about corruption, prosititution February 16, 2013

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Democratic Senator Bob Menendez from New Jersey is facing serious questions about corruption charges. Menendez is friends with a Florida eye surgeon, Salomon Melgen, who is being investigated for Medicare fraud. Not only did Menendez ask congressmen investigating Melgen to back off, he supposedly flew on Melgen’s private plane to take pleasure trips to the Dominican Republic, where he allegedly hired prostitutes on a number of occasions. So far, party leaders are backing Menendez, who says the allegations are unfounded. However, leaked emails from the FBI suggest that the United States government is taking Menendez’s rumored actions seriously, investigating all of the major claims. If it’s true that Menendez hired under age prostitutes, as he’s accused of doing, he would undoubtedly be forced to resign.

As one might expect, media coverage of the accusations against Menendez is getting more negative in tone. The majority of the existing coverage is shifting from the Medicare scandal to the prostitution scandal, leading to stories with anonymous Dominican women speaking about their experiences with “Bob.” Menendez continues to deny the charges, but may have to change his strategy yet again as more witnesses continue to go public.

For more on this crisis, see the following video:

Discussion Questions:

1.  What evidence is there to tie Bob Menendez to the prostitution scandal and the medicare scandal?

2.  Could Menendez survive one scandal easier than the other? If so, which one would be easier to confront and why?

3.  Is there anything else that Menendez can do other than deny or accept the charges? What else could he do to maybe explain away the accusations against him?



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