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Livestrong attempts to “live on” after Lance March 20, 2013

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Following cycling legend Lance Armstrong’s disturbing confession to Oprah Winfrey that he cheated for years, and even worse lied about it while sacrificing many of his friends, the organization that he helped start is attempting to move on. The Livestrong Foundation, a charitable organization serving the interests of cancer survivors, is trying to shake Lance Armstrong’s tarnished reputation. As public relations expert Craig Bida recently wrote, the organization could stand to follow some basic tips: do something quickly, embrace the impact of the scandal, cut ties with Armstrong, be transparent, and accept the reality that a post-Lance world will be far worse for business.

In a recent announcement, Livestrong has decided to recreate its logo to de-emphasize its relationship with Lance Armstrong. The updated logo is moving from “Livestrong” to “Livestrong Foundation” to shift attention to the evolving organization.

For more on Livestrong’s struggles since Lance Armstrong came out as a cheater, see the following video:

Discussion Questions:

1.  How did Livestrong depend on Lance Armstrong before the scandal? How did that relationship change with Armstrong’s confession?

2.  Is Livestrong’s new logo a step in the right direction? Why, or why not?

3.  Should Livestrong change its name?



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