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Mormon missionaries mastering high tech PR April 13, 2013

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In recent years, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has turned to social media to improve the efficiency of its missionaries. While door-to-door efforts have been synonymous with the faith for over 200 years, church elders have noted that social media gives the organization instant access to hundreds of thousands of people and may lead to more evolved methods in missionary work in the future.

More recently, Mormon missionaries have proved yet again that they are masters of high technology. Throughout the world, the church is now using books with video screens that play messages from modern Mormons explaining their faith in their own words. The iPad-like devices are expensive, but instantly impressive to those who have viewed them.

To see an example of the kinds of stories one might expect to see in the new books being carried by Mormon missionaries, view the following video:

Discussion Questions:

1.  The LDS church has run many ads as a part of the “I’m a Mormon” campaign. You’ve viewed one above. Why have so many critics found the ads compelling?

2.  How do faith based organizations benefit from social media? More importantly, how might social media improve missionary work for churches?

3.  Are the video books like those being carried by some Mormon missionaries worth the cost? Why, or why not?



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