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Dove finds another hit ad campaign with “Sketches” April 29, 2013

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Dove has been the talk of the internet in April 2013 after releasing a new ad called “Real Beauty Sketches.” The company conducted a social experiment featuring seven women who would tell an FBI-trained sketch artist what they looked like. Then, strangers who had just met the women would also tell the sketch artist what the women looked like during a separate meeting. The sketches were dramatically different, with women describing themselves in far harsher terms than they were described by strangers.

While Dove first said that reaction to the ad was amazingly positive, those reactions are now mixed. Some critics are claiming that there is a lack of racial diversity in the ad, and that the company is perpetuating the same beauty myth it is criticizing. Given that the ad is viral now, though, there’s enough evidence to suggest that it has been quite effective.

Despite being effective in reaching millions of viewers, the “Sketches” ad may not succeed in selling soap. According to Ad Age‘s Loren Grossman, while 70 percent of consumers polled said the commercial made them feel better about Dove, only 30 percent reported that they were more likely to buy products from the company.

To see the ad yourself, watch the following video:

Discussion Questions:

1.  What is the general message of Dove’s “Sketches” ad?

2.  Why has Dove come under attack for the ad?

3.  Why might effective advertising have no impact on products actually being sold?



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